This site is a work in progress. The primary purpose is to share jet flight experiences. The general theme is lifestyle perspectives of today’s jet traveler. This broad description is intentional to emphasize the breadth and depth of the site’s content.  Either commercial or private jet flight is the topic for all stories.

The rules for posting are: 1) no stories about propeller planes or gliders (jets only), 2) no last names (no one needs to know), 3) the story is about the flight from airport to airport (any number of hops/transfers is OK), 4) no details about the destination except a short description if you choose, 5) this is not a complaint page (no company names on rants because I’ll get complaints and have to remove them).

This is a place to share stories about your flight.  One day I was thinking and had this idea that people take for granted that we all live in the jet age where anyone on the planet can theoretically fly on a jet.  Of course not everyone gets that opportunity for various reasons.  Nonetheless, I decided it would interesting to read stories about peoples experiences with jet flight.  I know from experience that there are some incredible stories out there.  From the adventures of me and my friends and colleagues to everyone else getting from point A to point B on a jet.  As I thought about creating this site I realized that lots of people would get just as interested and excited as me about sharing and reading stories about the millions of experiences that most of us take for granted everyday all over the world.

With the constant move towards globalization by countries around the world jet flight is evolving into a whole new phase of international travel.  More important to the average traveler, and occurring even faster, jet flights in-country are increasingly more economical and available.  That means there are all kinds of stories out there that most of us have never even imaged and would like to read, or share, about jet flight experiences.   Now we have a place to do that here on Jetsetair.